Managed Accounts

Tony Fazio, CFP® is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM Professional and an Investment Advisor Representative  of Cetera Advisors LLC. Tony is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota (MN) and serves both individuals and businesses in Minnesota (MN) and in other parts of the country.

He believes that above all else clients must have a sound investment strategy to be financially successful. Their investment portfolio must be designed to help protect them from the ravages of taxes and inflation and, at the same time, help withstand the fluctuations that all markets experience. Tony counsels individuals concerning both their personal as well as their IRA and qualified plan accounts.

Through his registered investment advisory affiliation he offers fee-based managed accounts. The two greatest advantages to the fee-based managed accounts are:


  • He has maximum flexibility with several thousand mutual funds to choose from, as well as countless individual stocks and bonds.
  • Your financial goal and his goal are the same: the long-term growth of your assets without bias of compensation. Instead of commissions, you pay a low annual fee which is a percentage of the value of your assets under management.

Client portfolios are managed on a fee basis and are personally designed by Tony to meet the individual investment goals and risk tolerances of each client.

Tony has substantial experience in the design of investment portfolios. For example, he served for four years as the Chairperson of the Asset Allocation Special Interest Group for investment professionals in the Minneapolis area. Investment portfolios are designed to balance investment risk against potential gain depending on the client’s investment objectives and risk tolerance.

Once implemented Tony personally monitors and manages each client portfolio. He utilizes both his experience and judgment as well as extensive investment-related databases to select money managers with experience and established performance records. All portfolios are then monitored and modified if necessary in an effort to assure that the client’s goals are achieved. Investment results are reported to the client on a quarterly basis and tax information is reported to the client annually.